Ilana Bofford Entin is the President of GrassRoots Communications Inc., a political consulting and communications company. 

Her inspiration for “Our Earth Our Friend” is based on the concept of using books as tools to teach young children to give back to their communities by assisting those less fortunate, sharing resources and committing, together, to make this world a better place for all of us. 

She has a Bachelor of Science in Communications from The University of Miami and a Master of Public Administration, from the College of Urban and Public Affairs at Florida International University. 

She lives with her husband, Ari and her two children, Matthew and Jesse.

Michael and Julia enjoy one of their weekly adventures to Grandma's house. As they approach the beach, the children are saddened to learn that someone left garbage and debris all over the sand. In an effort to Save Our Earth, Grandma Joy teaches the children an environmental lesson. Our Earth Our Friend is a modern day lesson about teaching young children to give back to our community.

About the Book: Our Earth Our Friend

About the Author: Ilana Bofford Entin