"Our Earth, Our Friend" is a wonderful book that I highly recommend. As a teacher, I appreciate a book that is child friendly but deals with real issues. This book works as one that a parent can read to a child and that a child can read by themselves. It teaches one how to help the environment and how a day excursion with Grandma is a special time. Grandma Joy is wise and loving and she knows about the teachable moment. This book is well written and has lovely eye-catching illustrations. The book should be in every classroom and home library. I look forward to the sequel. Congratulations to the author for a terrific book.

By Allen Deitch on January 27, 2015 on Amazon.com

This charming story is both entertaining and educational. There is nothing better than than teaching a child a life lesson through a story that he or she can relate to. It's always fun to spend a day with Grandma, but it's even more meaningful when the kids come home with a desire to give back to the community. My niece loved this book and even asked if we could do a "clean up" day at the park where she loves to play. I was so impressed! I hope to see these characters again soon in another book. 

By Nikester on August 25, 2014 on Amazon.com

As a mom of two young children, it is great to find a book that helps teach a lesson I can relate to. This is a sweet story not only about what children can learn from spending time with a grandparent, but also what they can learn about our planet and our responsibilities for the world around us. Beautiful illustrations for a beautiful story.

By Sheryl Zedeck Katz on July 21, 2014 Amazon.com

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